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Dr. Duradundi Sawant Badkar

Dr. Duradundi Sawant Badkar

Principal, SSPM's College of Engineering, Kankavali

I am really honored and feel very privileged to function as the Principal of SSPMCOE, Kankavli. Let me take this opportunity to thank the Management for giving me an opportunity to serve the community here in SSPM family. We believe that the existence, growth, survival and future of every Educational Institute will long lasting only if that Institute make and keep the students & parents and all the stakeholders of the Institute feel very happy and satisfied. The students & parents will be happy only if they get their expectations and dreams are fulfilled for which the student has taken an admission in the Institute. This can be achieved only if every entity in an Institute works with Academic Excellence, Research Excellence and Training & Placement Excellence, along with Overall Development of the Student to Serve the Society thereby excelling and ensuring EXCELLENCE IN TECHNICAL EDUCATION with OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION. Our Institute Growth lies in Institute Motto that is"PARENTS AND STUDENTS DREAMS ARE OUR INSTITUTE MISSIONS". Therefore I appeal everyone to join together in achieving the aim"A HAPPY STUDENT, A HAPPY PARENT, AND A HAPPY & MOST PREFERABLE INSTITUTE".

केंद्रीय प्रवेश प्रक्रियेचे (CAP) फॉर्म भरण्याची सुविधा व शासनमान्य Facilitation Center (FC) उपलब्ध आहे.