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Mrs.Supriya S.Nalawde

Mrs.Supriya S.Nalawde

Head of Department

Both AI and ML systems can scale to handle vast amounts of data and perform complex computations.AI and ML integrate concepts from statistics, computer science, cognitive psychology, and other fields.Addressing biases, ensuring privacy, and making ethical decisions are crucial in both AI and ML implementations.Capable of processing and analyzing data in real-time to provide immediate insights and decisions.

AI and ML can be integrated with IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, and other technologies to enhance capabilities and applications.These features collectively contribute to the growing impact of AI and ML across various industries, driving innovation and transforming how businesses and societies operate.



To develop capable AI and ML specialists who will help society and industry worldwide.



To instill strong ethical principles, innovative research capabilities, and leadership abilities in the next generation of leaders dedicated to the advancement of the country, centers of excellence should be established in cutting-edge computing and artificial intelligence fields

Salient Features

  • Department has started in the academic year 2020-21 with an intake of 30.
  • Intake was increased gradually to 60 in 2022-23.
  • College was accredited by NAAC with ‘B+’ grade in 2018.
  • Well-equipped laboratories.
  • ICT based effective Teaching-Learning Methodologies
  • Highly qualified, interactive & experienced Teaching Faculty.
  • Outstanding Academic Results
  • Support for Placement drives through extensive technical sessions by expert faculties.
  • Add-on Courses for students (C, C++, JAVA, Software Testing, Python Programming, IOT, Machine Learning).
  • Organization of workshops, seminars, webinars & online courses for students.
  • Regular interactions with 'Industry Experts' and 'Alumni'.

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