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Dr. Nitin Mahadeo Shivsharan

Dr. Nitin Mahadeo Shivsharan

Head of Department

The Department of Computer Science Engineering has been offering undergraduate programs in Computer Science Engineering since 2023. The current intake capacity of the program is 30.

The Department is equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including laboratories and classrooms with ICT. The majority of the labs and classrooms have ICT capabilities. The department has several laboratories, including the Data Structure & Algorithm Laboratory, the Computer Hardware and Microprocessor Laboratory, the Database & Data Mining Laboratory, the Communication and System Security Laboratory, and the Advanced Computing Laboratory. Every lab is furnished with the required tools. The majority of the department's faculty members are highly qualified.



To become a globally recognized in computer science engineering education and to promote collaboration innovation, and research to tackle the complex challenges of the digital era, contributing to technological advancements that benefit society.


  • To offer an advanced and dynamic computer science engineering curriculum that will offer graduates the essential knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking abilities they need to succeed in the workplace, in education, and as entrepreneurs.
  • To increase the knowledge of graduates by conducting cutting-edge research in computer science and engineering, promoting multidisciplinary cooperation, and cultivating a creative and innovative atmosphere.
  • To form alliances with business, government, and the community in order to advance technology transfer, provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and solve real-world problems.
  • To produce graduates who can solve the technological demands and challenges of a world that is changing quickly, making a positive impact on society locally, nationally, and globally.

Salient Features

  • The majority of the department's faculties have either a PhD or an essential qualification, and their average experience spans more than 15 years.
  • Every laboratory has the newest tools and equipment available, along with well-designed furniture.
  • Effective interactive electronic material distribution and ICT enabled classrooms.
  • An effective mentoring program (Local Guardian) that promotes students overall growth and provides a comfortable atmosphere.

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