Training & Placement

Policy for Training & Placement SSPM College of Engineering


SSPM College of Engineering welcomes all the eligible students and urges them to take active part in Training & Placement activities. SSPM College of Engineering considers placement process very important activity and full co-operation to student to provide right opportunity by counselling.

To create win-win situation students should understand Training and Placement policy and follow it strictly.

Placement policy is applicable to all the students who have registered for 2019-20 Campus Placement. This policy is to be followed for entire placement season strictly.

Eligibility & Registration

All the students who are On-Campus are eligible for Campus Placement Activity.

For Registration all the students have to register through T&P. Failing which they would not be considered for any Training & Placement Activity.

Registration will be done through website ( form ) where students need to upload necessary documents needed for company. Students also need to upload latest photograph.

CV & Verification

Students need to fill Training & Placement CV with photo.

Students should fill correct information in CV. If the information is found to be wrong/false, student will be debarred from placements. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against such students.

Application Rules

  1. All students should apply through T&P for companies. If students do not apply through T&P for any company, He/she will not be allowed to participate for the Campus Placement Drive for On-campus/Pool Campus.
  2. Eligible students are allowed to participate in all the companies who visit Campus but will not be allowed to participate in any company once He/she get selected in any company.
  3. Students are advised to go thoroughly through all the company profile/background before applying. T&P is not responsible for any student communication done with a company without the permission of T&P.
  4. All eligible students should maintain attendance of 75% in respective departments for becoming eligible for campus interview.

Off-Campus Application Rule

  • Students are strictly prohibited from making any contact with organizations or other colleges T&P that are likely to visit or have visited the campus for placement in the past 3 years.
  • Students found promoting or applying to companies identified as non-on-campus by Training and Placement cell, would be debarred from applying through T&P and may face strict disciplinary action.

Student Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

  • Students are expected to behave with the companies in a courteous manner and should not argue with the recruiters and maintain decorum even under provocation.
  • No discussion with the recruiters regarding selections/selection process should be done.
  • If there are any behavioral problems from the recruiter’s side that students face, kindly inform the T&P Office immediately. Do NOT take action from your end.
  • If there are any behavioral problems reported side against any student, appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated.

Absenteeism rules and policy:

  • For absenteeism in any test, interview or any selection process which an applicant has to attend as part of a company’s recruiting procedure the following minimum penal action would apply:
  • Absence of first time – Fine of Rs. 100
    • Absence of second time – Fine of Rs. 200
    • Absence of third time – Debarred from on-campus and pooled campus placement.
  • In case of emergency fill in the Leave Application form within working hours (10 AM – 5 PM) before the activity or inform T&P coordinator of the department regarding the same. Relevant proof needs to be attached with the Leave Application Form for missing the event.
  • If for any reasons the student remains absent from any stage/round of selection process he/she would be immediately de-registered from T&P and would not be allowed to take part in the further placement processes till he/she gets permission from Principal /Registrar for activity.
  • No mobile phones are allowed during placement activity unless it is specified by recruiters.
  • Seating in tests will be pre-defined by T&P. Any malpractice during the examination will lead to serious actions.
  • Students are not allowed to share their or other students personal contacts via any means with the companies coming on-campus/pool campus without notifying T&P officer.

General Advice

  • Students must carry their I-cards(duly signed by authority) at all times during interviews & screening tests. No one would be allowed to enter the test/interview venue without the I-card(duly signed by authority) for on-campus as well as pool campus activity.
  • The date/time/venue of the interviews will be subject to changes which, at times, maybe at a short notice. Students must keep themselves well informed by visiting the T&P Whatsapp group or emails by coordinators.
  • Be seated 10 minutes prior to the start of any activity to avoid delays.
  • Students must carry a complete file with a few copies of the resume, original certificates (if possible) and copies thereof while appearing for the interviews.
  • At the time of appearing for interviews, students MUST carry copies of the T&P resume only as was submitted to that company online & NO other resume.
  • Discrepancies in resumes are not appreciated by companies and may become a cause for rejection.
  • Please be aware that some companies may use the attendance of candidate for shortlisting purposes if they so wish.
  • All students are informed that any student aiding the blacklisted companies’ off-campus or contacting them for internship or placement will be liable for strict disciplinary action as per institute norms.
  • No mobile phones are allowed in the interview area. Kindly refrain from carrying one into interview venues.
  • Dress Code*: Semi-Formals Dress Code to be followed in normal working days and during placement activities are given below:
  • Normal Working days (PPTs & Written Test) :
  • Shirt / T-Shirt with collar
  • Trousers (full pant) for Boys.
  • Any formal attire/ Trousers (full pant) for Girls.
  • Hair combed.
  • Polished Sandles/ Shoes
  • Flip flops (Bathroom/Rubber), Crocs, etc NOT permitted.